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A little about myself...

Rijaa’s inspiration comes from a multitude of life and her perspective of it. She has the unique ability to capture everyday realism and blend it with stunning contemporary minimalism. Her work strongly reflects her traditional Pakistani upbringing with a hammering modern American blend. The mix of homage and counterculture is perfectly balanced. Nadeem’s influences , like her credentials, range from a variety of arts; From the rebellious cubism movement from Spain to the cinematic revolution of New Zealand. Rijaa’s mission statement with each piece is to showcase the magic in the smallest moments in life.

Before turning her focus back to her first love, Rijaa created content for an abundance of TV networks such as Reelz, Discovery, Cooking Channel, and HGTV. Her short form narrative projects have screened at some of the most prestigious and decorated festivals around the world including Cannes, Kashish Mumbai film festival, and Women Texas film festival.

Rijaa’s ability to visually display genuine stories has been the constant throughout her life and she remains driven to create meaningful art in order to express her voice.

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What inspires you ? whether you want to talk about my work or life in general, I would love to hear your perspective